So together, the Germanakos brothers, the Weight Loss Twins, auditioned for The Biggest Loser. In the first 5 weeks Jim managed to lose 54 lbs. Then he was eliminated from the competition. During the next 6 months at home, through dedication and determination, he lost a further 133lbs. He couldn’t have done it without the love and support of his wife, Val, who also lost 50lbs. The Weight Loss Twins went on to win the show. Bill was the series winner and Jim scooped the “Winner of losers” prize.

Since then the Weight Loss Twins have told their stories on TV shows like Larry King Live and Entertainment Tonight and have gained world-wide affection and approbation. They have justifiably become celebrities in their own field. Notably they will soon be achieving fame in the video-gaming arena when they appear as characters in the hugely popular Nintendo Wii series. Most importantly in the time since they won the show both the Weight Loss Twins have shown they can retain most of the fantastic weight loss they achieved when they were on The Biggest Loser.

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