The Weight Loss Twins weighed into the show at 361lbs and 334lbs. Jim and Bill had been big guys since they were young. The Weight Loss Twins’ pop, George, had been a big man too and had died of obesity related diseases when they were children. Regardless of this, Jim was an active guy, a dedicated fire-fighter and cop who liked to join in and play with his kids. He didn’t consider his own weight was a huge problem. His other half, Val, was a big lady too. Just like plenty of people, they loved their food. As Jim remarks, when you reach 295lbs you just come to terms with your obesity and carry on eating.

That’s until the moment when your weight starts to get in the way of your family’s happiness! It was when his 16 year old son, a keen eagle scout, eventually got himself and his pop accepted on an exciting adventure trip, that Jim suddenly saw that his weight was a big problem. Whilst taking part in a rigorous training session, when the coach found out that Jim weighed more than 300lbs, he had to disqualify father and son from the trip. It transpired that the helicopters couldn’t evacuate anyone who weighed more than 250lbs. His son was so disappointed he cried all the way home. He loved Jim but he realised that his father had let him down. For Jim this was his slap in the face, his “Ahaa moment” and he decided to do something about it – as one of the Weight Loss Twins.

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