The Weight Loss Twins, Bill and Jim Germanakos were positively happy with their huge weight reduction victory on the Biggest Loser. And they’re also avid to share the techniques of their success and is why they’re launching the Truth About Diets program and letting us people know all about the Rapid Action Metabolism system. Well there’s even more. Glaringly one of the things that inspired the Weight Loss Twins was to win the Biggest Loser. Now they’re giving fans who want to shed the pounds an extra purpose to get going on their diet and fitness program in the sixty Day Challenge.

The Weight Loss Twins Sixty Day Challenge has some actually exciting prizes. The 1st prize is a Caribbean cruise for 2 with The Weight Loss Twins. Runners-up will get expense free paid visit to New York City for a slap-up dinner with The Weight Loss Twins. Other prizes include a month of free meals from NutriSystem, free membership to the Twins’ Personal Fitness Team for a whole year and a $100 gift voucher to Whole Foods.

Contestants of the Weight Loss Twins 60 Day challenge will be judged by an elite board of judges on four criteria: their complete weight loss, their percentage body weight loss, their before and after picture and a three hundred word article which tells  of the Weight Loss Twins personal success story.

The Sixty Day Challenge will be an extra push when you begin The Truth About Diets method, and a fantastic method for the Weight Loss Twins to pay it forward to people who want to follow in their footsteps and remove those excess pounds once and for all.

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Your 60 Day Weight Loss Challenge - Win a Caribbean cruise vacation for 2 with Bill & Jim

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