I’ll bet the story of the Weight Loss Twins has got you thinking. Just like them, are you very fond of your food? Do you find yourself snacking on high-cal comfort food? Would you like to get rid of some excess weight once and for all? Are your family worried about your size? Weight gain can be one of the biggest factors to cause marital break-ups, just like arguments over money or excess drinking. Is your family doctor honest with you? Have they warned you that your obesity means big risks to your health and that you may not live to see your kids graduate, have a successful career or get married?

Like Jim Germanakos, have you had your wake-up call, your “ahaa” moment? Well, that’s perfect timing, because very soon you’ll be able to learn exactly how the Weight Loss Twins lost all the weight and ended up so fit and healthy. The Truth about Diets is the guys’ own programme, which is all about their Rapid Action Metabolism System or RAM system. It’s fantastic news that like them you’ll be able to shed those dreaded pounds for good now the Weight Loss Twins are ready to share their secrets with you.

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